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We are currently on our 7th macintosh computer since my recent purchase of a 15" Mac Book Pro. Since my wife had "mac book envy" she just added an iPad2 so she could quit using her stupid pc laptop. Now we're on our 8th mac. Most of these are lovingly packed up and enjoying retirement at a sunny gated retirement community where they make fun of old PC's playing shuffleboard who can only get the puck halfway down the playing area before coming to a complete halt. The poor old ibook had a kernal panic and I have determined something on the MB has gone out. The imac was sold and the IIsi said hello to the dump.
ipad2 16 GB iPad 2
mbp15 June 2009 MBP 15" Core2Duo 2.66ghz/8gb ram
ibook iBook G4-1.4Ghz/1.5GB Ram. Kernal panic......poor little trooper.
grape imac iMac G3-450mhz/320MB Ram. Sold
6360 Performa 6360 G3-450mhz(upgrade)/136MB Ram. Currently in storage.
6100 Performa 6100 G3-225mhz (upgrade) /72MB Ram. Currently in storage.
g3 PowerMac G3-266mhz / 768MB Ram. Currently in storage.
iisi IIsi-blown video card. Currently visiting the dump.
We also have a PIII desktop (mothballed) that I built from scratch and an HP laptop but who wants to hear about those.
All the folders below look pretty but they don't go anywhere yet so I wouldn't click on any of them. I mean you can; if you really really want. All you'll see is my boring construction page.
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